AMKA is present in the Republic of the Congo and in Guatemala for the promotion of basic pediatric health care, access to clean water, education, socio-economic development and the struggle against HIV and malnutrition. #medicine #humarights #childhood


The subject carries out projects dealing with biodiversity and the ecosystem, the development of the environmental heritage and the protection of plants and wildlife considered to be of international importance.


CHARITY WATER fights to ensure full access to drinking water for over 800 million people on the planet and is committed to bringing clean, safe water with more than 10.000 projects in 20 countries worldwide. #freewater #poverty #healthcare


Shares the ‘second chance’ philosophy by creating businesses for the inmates who are offered an educational path aiming at the final re-integration in society and the working world. All materials used for their artifacts are 100% recycled. #marginalization #womenrights … Continued

What Type?

QU.ALE is a wine that is 100% Italian, produced hand in hand with farmers and vouched for by the experience of Tenute Emèra, the world-renowned Italian wine Company.

What Way?

QU.ALE is a fine red twine for everyday meals and drinks. Excellent at room temperature, and extraordinary at 5°(41°F). It’s suitable for everyone and within everyone’s means.

What Responsabilities?

QU.ALE uses e light-weight glass, and only 100% recycled or 100% recyclable materials. We’re not asking you to drink responsibly. We know that when you choose QU.ALE, you already are. .

What World?

By buying QU.ALE, you will contribute to the preservation of the natural reserve “Salina Monaci,” home of the Pink Flamingo.

What Future?

QU.ALE does good. Sign up and choose an NPO. QU.ALE will donate 5% of the profit from the sale of your bottle to the Non-Profit Organization of your choice. .