Wine is my ancestral ‘gift’, a splendid inheritance handed down from generation to generation.

But today it is also the link that binds my future to my passion for the land, sustainability and resource sharing.

It’s true. The name QU.ALE is derived from my name. But from something much more important as well. In Italian, QUALE means also “WHAT”. Haven’t we all asked ourselves what we would like our world to be like? What kind of future we hope for? What kind of world would we prefer to live in?

What. A word that poses questions we each try to answer. For me, the question has always been: WHAT RESPONSABILITIES do we have if we want to work in respect of nature and mankind?

My name is Alessandra Quarta and QU.ALE is my responsable project, my contribution to making the world a better place.

If you would like to share your ideas with me, contact me at:
+39 340 8389897